About BestNhaTrang.com

Are you tired of searching for comfortable places to live in Nha Trang and really depressed of sky-high prices which websites show you? Then we can help you! BestNhaTrang.com is a web-based platform where you can find a large list of properties for rent. Local prices only! Yes, the BestNhaTrang.com is a business, so we take a little commission for our service, but the final price will be reasonable.

Why we are much cheaper than our competitors?

Our rooms, apartments, and villas are no less comfortable than you can find even on most expensive Real Estate Agencies. So why we can ask less from our clients?

  • we do not use any 3d party services like Airbnb or Booking with their commisions. BestNhaTrang owners its own web-platform, created by our stuff.
  • we know the Vietnamese language and because of that dealing with house/apartment owners directly. No need to pay for professional translators
  • we do not need to rent a huge space for our business. We are a 21st-century company and almost all our people work from their homes

As you see, we have very little expenses. That’s why we can ask for our services less than other companies.

Our advantages

When we started BestNhaTrang.com there were enough comfortable rooms, apartments, and houses in Nha Trang for any taste and any amount of money, but already existed websites could not satisfy travelers and tourists fully. That is since the beginning of our business we are working by five main rules:

  1. Our prices must be maximum close to the REAL LOCAL price.
  2. The website must be simple to use and have the option to receive money from different countries without any troubles.
  3. The payment must be secure, the buyer must have all guarantees, that he will not lose his money.
  4. The renting agreement must be maximum clear and in two languages minimum (Russian/Local, English/Local, etc)
  5. The client is always right

We live by these rules which were mentioned above and our clients are very satisfied with our work. Our full reliability is proven by their reviews and with our close partners such as PayPal, Payoneer, and Stripe.


Tran Minh Quyen

CEO & Founder


Slava K

Chief Web Officer


Anna Thao

Advertising Manager

If you are landlords have properties for rent / for sale in Nha Trang. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to list to our websites to get your properties rented or sold as soon as possible.