All prices you find on the website are final. You don’t pay anything more for our service. Our commission comes from the sellers, owners and is one of the lowest on the Nha Trang real estate market.

Please call us at any time or send an email. As soon as we receive your request, you will be contacted by one of our agents for easy adding your property to our listings.

Yes. All prices we have are considered for short time rental 1-5 month. Some owners of properties can provide discount from 3month+ rental but usually it is from 6-month+ which is considered for long term rental. The discount is about 10%.

When you rent a property, you will usually have to pay a security deposit. Whilst there is no legal guideline as to how much of a deposit you may be asked for it is normally the equivalent of one month’s rent. Normally a deposit is held by the landlord as security to cover any rent arrears, bills owing or damage beyond normal wear and tear at the end of the tenancy.

You should not hand over a deposit to a prospective landlord or agent until you are certain that you are happy with the condition of the property, the terms and conditions of the letting and are willing to rent it. You should always pay the deposit directly to the landlord/agent and not to another tenant.

Once your tenancy has been created, your landlord must provide you with an inventory at the beginning of the tenancy and Threshold advises you make a note of any existing damage or wear and tear. Take photos if possible.

Anywhere from $80-$100+ per month and this is not included in rent. In terms of possible utilities, here’s a comprehensible checklist: electric, water, gas, internet, TV, manage fee (for trash pickup, security, parking, cleaning corridors…).

Let’s break down the list (If you are an average user with an average unit):

  • Electric: Basically it is all about how much you use air-condition, here in Vietnam. Plan on spending up to $30-40 extra a month.
  • Water: $7
  • Gas: Usually around $5.
  • Internet: Approximately $15.
  • TV: $5
  • Manage fee: 20-$50 (applied mostly only to residential apartment complexes)

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