Travel Insurance Plan For Vietnam: How To Pick The Right One

For an average tourist, insurance is always a “dark zone”, and most of us don’t want anything to do with it. But in this post, you’ll learn exactly why a travel insurance plan for Vietnam is a must-have. The short version: without it, you won’t be financially protected.

And, it will be hard to take care of yourself when something bad happens in the country (like falling off a bike). Again: when traveling to a faraway place with laws, rules, and regulations that are different from what you’re used to, insurance is the only thing that will keep you relatively safe and sound.

Even though Vietnam is a third-world country, and everything is cheap there (compared to the US and the EU, of course), without proper insurance, the bills might be quite intimidating. Hurting yourself while driving a bike/car, getting bitten by a mosquito/other insects, getting heat stroke – the list is pretty big.

Besides, a canceled flight, the need to cancel a pre-paid tour, and other unexpected situations can cause you a pretty penny. And before we get to it, remember: most companies take 3-5 days to complete your insurance after you pay for it. So, do that at least a week before your flight.

Checking Out The Travel Insurance Types

The final cost of any insurance plan will greatly depend on the country you’re about to visit (Vietnam is one of the safest spots on the map). The type of insurance you pick, the duration of your stay, and, of course, the company that you decide to deal with will also shape the final price. The following list includes the available plans:

– Trip Cancelation. When shopping for a ticket online, most big-time companies offer trip cancellation insurance. Obviously, it’s not free, but unless you absolutely know that there will be no delays on your side, it would be wise to purchase it.

The average price right now is +/- 15 US dollars, and compared to the cost of a ticket, it isn’t much. There’s also the so-called “Flight Insurance”. With it, when the plane crashes and you manage to survive, this insurance will cover you.

– Baggage Insurance. No person out there likes to land in a foreign country only to learn that their bags got lost somewhere along the way. And while most companies do offer some kind of compensation, it isn’t nearly enough. With this travel insurance plan for Vietnam, you’ll be fully covered.

– Travel Health Insurance. Without a doubt, this is the most important type of insurance. In Vietnam, anything can happen. Remember: national health care insurance doesn’t really cover any foreign trips.

The Australians and the Canadians do get extra treats, but only when traveling to New Zealand, not any third-world countries. The same goes for the US folks. The average price of Travel Health insurance is 250 US dollars, and it’s worth it.

– Adventurous Activities. Riding a bike, scuba diving, trekking, climbing a mountain – it’s all available in Southeast Asia. The driving standards in Vietnam will most definitely shock you, and, potentially, lead to road accidents.

As a general rule, Motorbike Insurance is covered by regular travel health insurance, but not always. Every company out there has its own name for this kind of insurance. So, make sure to call/email them to know for sure. With travel health insurance, you might be fully covered, but, again, do check before purchasing it.

Travel Plans Vs. Travel Packages

These days, there are all kinds of packages that offer, well, package deals. Let us check them out next:

– Vacation/comprehensive package. With this one, trip cancellation/interruption, loss of baggage, and medical emergencies will be fully covered. By the way, this is the most popular travel insurance plan for Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia.

– Specialty plan. Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but with the Specialty package, emergency evacuation will be fully covered. That includes any and all costs for transportation, medical help, and more.

How To Pick The Right Travel Insurance Plan For Vietnam?

Before making any rash decisions, think about all the activities you’re planning in Vietnam. Will you be driving a bike like we just discussed? If the answer is yes, then medical/health insurance is a must.

In most cases, tourists that don’t want to learn all the ins and outs of insurance just go with the Vacation plan – it covers everything. Still, take some time to study the policy documents to see exactly what will be covered. Understand how to:

– Contact your insurance company.

– What papers you’ll need for this.

– The possible monetary limits.

– Whether there’s a 24/7 line for emergencies or not.

Don’t forget to visit websites like (an objective source of international reviews), (allows you to compare various insurance packages), and (another great website for making quick comparisons).

Which Company Offers The Best Travel Insurance Plan For Vietnam?

According to statistics, the following companies are some of the leaders in the field right now. They’ve been offering high-quality insurance to their clients for many years:

– Travel Guard. Based in the US, it’s arguably the best choice for the citizens of the United States.

– Barclay. The fans of the English Football League must know this one. Travel Guard is also available in the UK.

– TIC (Travel Insurance Cover). For Australia, this company is a great choice.

– Manu Life, Kanetix. The Canadians can choose between these two companies, among others.


Kieran P.
December 8, 2018
I never trust any local insurance, so, thank you for providing a short list of international companies. Motorbike insurance is the most important one, as tourists usually end up hurting themselves while riding in Nam.
Samuel C.
June 17, 2017
In my opinion, health and baggage insurance is what you should go for. Trip cancelation is also a nice one, but not as vital as these two. I find it that in Southeast Asia, they really like to lose baggage.
Hannah B.
October 1, 2015
Comprehensive packages tend to be too expensive for most tourists sometimes. But, if you put your health and comfort first, then by all means, go for it. For me, medical insurance is what really counts.

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