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Best impressions

I live and work in Nha Trang for two years. Previously rented different housing, but there were some problems, the price did not always suit. Later, in the search for housing, I met with the bestnhatrang manager, fully arranged the proposed option, without pitfalls, the lease agreement, everything is fair and comfortable. There were excellent relations with the manager, then I plan to resolve any issues with housing only with her.

Я живу и работаю в Нячанге два года. Ранее арендовал разное жилье, но были некоторые проблемы, не всегда устраивала цена. Позже в поиске жилья встретился с менеджером bestnhatrang, полностью устроил предложенный вариант, без подводных камней, договор аренды, все честно и комфортно. Сложились отличные отношения с менеджером, далее планирую решать любые вопросы с жильем только с ней.

Pavel Gavrilenko

Great service!!!

I had a 7 day stay in Nha Trang and in my research for a good hotel I found the manager of BestNhaTranng on Facebook. She gave me several options with acceptable prices and very modern conditions. The option I chose was way better than the advertisement. Very helpful and resposive all the time and I got information and support for the trips, tours, transportation and the cheapest deals around the city.
According to my experience I extremely recommend this site. Cheers!

Erind Çeça

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